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...Your bike reacts the way you'd hope for. You are riding through the mountains and the road surface is disappearing under your feet at an incredible speed. The ultimate motorbike experience. This is why you love riding a motorbike! You steer from left to right and you thoroughly enjoy yourself. Next, a straight stretch of road. Ahead of you a lorry comes into view. The left lane is free, you push your knees into the fuel tank and open the throttle. You have done this a thousand times before, without any problems. Only this time it's different. There are enough bumps in the road to make a Formula 1 car flip over. Just as you've passed the lorry, your hands nearly get knocked off the handlebars. Of course, you are an excellent bike rider, however, what will happen next is mostly down to pure luck...
A Hyperpro steering damper reduces this kind of risk to a bare minimum. Tank slappers and vibrations are intercepted by the damper. As a result you have a bike that steers the way you're used to and reacts the way you'd hope for in unexpected circumstances.

Road and race Steering Dampers together with CNC machined, anodised 7057 aircraft alloy Mounting Kits are available for most motorcycle models.


Internally the dampers are equipped with the following features:

  • Twin-tube damping system. This ensures that the clamping force of the tube-clamp does not obstruct the piston.
  • Low friction design. Ø8mm hard chromed piston rod with special surface treatment and special piston ring for smooth movement.
  • One-piece piston rod. Providing perfect alignment through the slide bearings and no excessive force on the piston.
  • Triple function seals. Dust scraper and double (preloaded) oil seal, ensuring that dust cannot enter and oil cannot exit the damper at any time.
  • Nitrogen pressurised heat expansion reservoir.
  • Gas pressure prevents the forming of air bubbles. Oil expansion due to temperature changes is compensated by the reservoir and does not influence damper performance.
  • Damping can be adjusted in a wide range, divided in 22 positions.

The new range consists of four different strokes and four different colours.

  • Available strokes: 75, 120, 140, 160mm
  • Available colours: Solid black, Hyper purple, Gun metal, Mad red

Hyperpro steering damper is designed to fit most of our mounting kits, it can be combined with our current wide range of universal fork-, frame- and damper clamps. Besides that, the damper has an ultra-short design and the ball-bearing rod end is interchangeable with the end cap. Fitting a steering damper on a bike has never been easier…

Please contact us to get an exact price of Hyperpro steering stabilizer for Your motorcycle.