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PostHeaderIcon High flow airfilters

Increases performance     


             Provides maximum filtering     


   Fuel saver               Long life washable & reusable
The K&N High performance air filters
The K&N High performance air filter is a high quality next generation multilayer cotton gauze oil impregnated air filter. The filter media is made of 4 layers of high quality nafta surgical cotton gauze specialy designed by our R&D department. The cotton is sandwiched between two layers of epoxy coated Marine grade aluminum wire mesh, designed to last a lifetime. The 4 layers of cotton and the two layers of wire mesh are pleated by state of art electronically controlled pleating machines to assure a very high quality of the final filtration media. The result of the special design and the Hi Tec manufacturing process is a filtration media that has very high flow rates, low restriction, superior dust holding capability, smoothens out the air flow stream and lasts a lifetime. The oil that we use to impregnate the cotton is a very special grade developed by our R&D department after intense testing and produced by one of the world's best Oil Companies. This special oil is a very critical part of the filter and has the capability to produce a static charge to the cotton media and attract the entire dust particles that flow towards the filter, even the very fine ones.

The High Performance!
The High Performance of the K&N air filter is a must for all of our designs and our R&D team uses up to date Hi Tec equipment to achieve the best performance.
Our R&D department is equipped with the latest Dynojet motorcycle & automotive dyno's and sophisticated air flow measuring equipment. Every single filter is tested and checked that it meets the High Performance standards that K&N has established. As a final result the customer receives the best performance air filter money can buy!

The Long Life
We at K&N proudly introduce a filter that can last the life of the vehicle. High quality materials, Hi Tec manufacturing process, designs that meet OEM quality levels and very strict quality control, is the secret behind the K&N Air Filters and the factor that allows us to give a Lifetime Warranty!
Taking Care of the Filter
The K&N Air Filter will serve you for many years and needs very little care using the K&N Service kit. When the filter is dirty simply follow the instructions that you can find in the service kit, allow the filter to dry, reoil and you are ready to use your filter again, like new!
How does it works?:

1. Dirty & turbalent air enters the filter

2. K&N's next generation multilayer cotton gauze oil impregnated material

3. Dirt stays on the outside layers of the filter

4. Special oil produces a static charge to the cotton media

5. Epoxy coated Marine grade aluminum wire mesh

6. High performance is achieved by the clean & smooth air stream that enters the engine

Taking Care of the Environment
K&N brings "Taking care of the environment" one step ahead, by designing, producing and marketing a filter that you will never need to throw away. Using cotton instead of paper, we provide work to the cotton industry and on the other side no trees have to be sacrificed for paper to be produced.
K&N Air Filter owners do not produce unnecessary waste as paper filter owners have to do every time the life of the paper filter ends.
Even the box is designed and manufactured of top quality material allowing you to keep it in your garage and use it as a storage box.

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